Best Cracked Pixelmon Server

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Heart Silver!

Server IP:

Premium users come on in!
Cracked Users?
You are welcome as much as Premiums!

Requirements to join the server

Pixelmon 2.3.1
Pixelmon Download

Mr CrawFish's Furniture  v3.1.1
Furniture Download

Forge Download

Cracked Minecraft Launcher 1.6.2
Launcher Download

We want a community not labeled by what you have.. nor by what you can get.. our community welcomes all.. we are all outcasts.. we have yet to find a place where we belong..
But.. until that day.. i offer you a safe haven where you can safeguard all of your precious memories..

Age is nothing but a number! it matters not how tall you are.. nor the color of your armor.. in the end we all go back to where we came from.. will you travel down that road alone? or will you be part of our group?..

-Heart Silver Creed-
"No longer shall you have to fear mankind..
No longer will you be alone in the shadows..
We have felt the way you feel..
We have been where your eyes have gazed your upon..
We dreamt of the place you wish to be in..
This.. is what we choose to believe in..
This is not our dream..
This is our reality...
Does it make you an outcast?
Does it make you change you?
Does it make you different?
It does not matter..
It makes you happy..
It makes you.. feel..
Its in your blood!
Its who you are!
Its time you welcomed this gift.."